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Garage Door Springs Repair

Garage Door Springs Repair Houston

The power of garage door springs is unparalleled and used to move the door. But it can also turn into a safety hazard if the spring coils are broken. To avoid such problems, trust the spring services of our Garage Door Repair in Houston, Texas. We can take care of residential springs regardless of their type, size, number or brand. Do you have two torsion springs and one of them is broken? Rely on us to replace it. You can also ask our opinion when you want to replace the existing springs and install a more powerful spring system. We can lubricate your springs, replace their parts – from the shaft to bearings – and offer garage door springs repair Houston services, which include quick fixes, adjustments and replacement.

We provide broken garage door spring replacement

Some garage door problems are caused by damaged or loose springs. With fast response troubleshooting, we determine the origins of the problem and fix the springs. To complete the job quickly, we have the necessary garage door spring repair parts with us and so we can make any replacements required. Brackets, bearings and screws also get damaged. So we don’t only offer garage door spring replacement but also replace their parts. Customers can trust that each spring service is done in timely fashion. Our company serves the entire Houston area and can fix any residential spring system available in Texas.

Let us lubricate and adjust your torsion and extension springs

Want broken spring repair now? Count on the quick service offered by our Houston technicians. Without springs, the door doesn’t open. If they are in bad shape, the door might slide down and possibly hurt anyone standing under the door. For these reasons, we offer quick garage door springs repair in Houston, recommend the premature replacement of old springs, and also offer spring adjustment and lubrication.

The adjustment of your torsion and extension springs has to do with the power of your springs. Overtime, they lose some tension and with our tools we add some more tension to help them run for a while longer. Our Houston company can help all local residents with spring problems. Need same day torsion spring repair? Give us a call.

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